Weekly Tarot Reading: August 2-8, 2020

deck: the brady tarot

Sun-Mon 8/2-3: The Chariot (rev)

We continue our lesson of releasing attempts to control what has clearly come loose from its moorings. There is increasing chaos in our world, and instead of wasting energy on one-sided battles that go nowhere, we will be better served to focus our energy and ambition on those things we can actually control.

Tue-Thu 8/4-6: 7 of Wands (rev)

We will continue to struggle with identifying what we can control versus what is out of our hands. We are in danger of wasting our power if we try to control others or ourselves in ways that limit authenticity and truth. Act in alignment with your values and focus on the areas where you are seeing the most growth from your efforts.

Fri-Sat 8/7-8: 6 of Coins (rev)

It may be hard to figure out how where to direct any discretionary income you may have at your disposal. Consider how you might shift any excess profit you have toward charity. Taking direct action is something you can control, and by this point in the week you may have some more clarity about those organizations and activities where you want to spend your time and resources.