August 7, 2020 – Disseminating Moon in Aries

Deck: Tarot of the Moon Garden

The disseminating moon is a time to release whatever is not serving us as the moon begins to wane once again.

Where have I become too rigid in thought? The Hierophant

It is important to center ourselves in spirituality, but adhering too rigidly to one set of rituals or practices may not be the most productive way forward in a time of uncertainty. Instead, think about the heart of your intention and practice and don’t be afraid to use what you have on hand in place of the tools and materials that may be unavailable at this time.

What can I learn from others? Six of Cups

This is a good time to learn from family and partners. what traditions and rituals have you inherited or been taught that may serve you well at this time? This card also speaks to the opportunity some of us have to talk with elders during this time. Since we are sheltering in place, we may want to take this opportunity to look more deeply at family albums and connect with narrative and stories that we might not have had time to explore in our busy lives.

What can I share with others? The Lovers

Clearly we are being asked to act in our relationships from a place of love. When we enter partnerships with a self-serving attitude or expectation, it can create imbalance and lack authenticity. As we create new relationships and practice anti-racism, one way to intent right relations is to approach others with love and mutual respect in mind.

What is the wisdom of this moon phase? Queen of Cups (rev)

The waning moon invites us to release guilt, shame, and other emotions that we may have been harboring as we navigate the difficulties of our current reality. At the same time, we are asked to continue our shadow work and examine the trauma and repressed feelings we may also be working through.

Oracle: Tender Care

This is a time to be gentle with ourselves and others. We can practice self-compassion and act with loving kindness in our relationships. Change happens on many levels, and resisting the pull to act out of anger, fear, or in total self-interest can be a revolutionary choice in itself.