Today’s Energy 11-30-20

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-30-20

Today we once again see The World, indicating the closing of a circle and the end of a cycle.

We have passed through the harvest and now move towards the winter solstice. Many folx will begin decorating their homes with greenery and lights, perhaps setting up a holiday tree and certainly thinking about how to celebrate with friends and family in this uncertain time.

Today’s cards remind us of the adage “to every thing there is a season.” Regardless of our beliefs or circumstance, the darkest time of the year is the time that people have traditionally turned toward each other for warmth, support, and celebration of surviving another trip around the sun.

I’m deep into ancestral research and am constantly amazed at how much adversity past generations overcame to simply exist, and they were all white and part of the dominant culture! My grandparents were born in 1905, 1910, 1915, and 1920. Three lived through the 1918 flu pandemic. All survived the Great Depression and three world wars. One grandfather also served in all three wars as a Merchant Marine Captain.

Each holiday offers a time to appreciate those who made our existence possible. This appreciation does not exclude the problematic elements of our ancestors’ lives. The same grandfather who visited nearly every port in the world was also breathtakingly racist. It is part of his heritage and South Carolina roots. His great-grandfather farmed cotton and owned enslaved people. His grandfather inherited and fought to maintain that system of oppression in the Civil War.

This is a history to be acknowledged without being glorified. My ancestors did what they had to do to survive, and I believe they progressed in thought throughout the generations. Every time I cried, “grandad, that’s racist!” he always listened and we talked about how different his experiences as a 3 time war veteran were to mine as a 10 year old suburban kid. But we never faced the deep past together. Slavery was an unspoken evil.

While you have a chance, consider opening the conversation about how your family navigated the past to get to today. Such stories may be one of the most crucial gifts of the present.

Today’s Energy 11-29-20

Five of Wands / Goose feather “Your dreams and desires are calling you to action. The journey begins today.”

We are all excited by the prospect of change, especially in this extended time of social and institutional unrest. But for true change to occur, we must stop sparring over the details and begin to move as a society toward similar progressive ideals.

There are great things on the horizon. We can all sense it and no one has all the answers about what these changes will mean. But we can do the necessary work to prepare in the meantime.

As I’ve mentioned, recently I’ve been taking a deep dive into my family history tracing my ancestors back as far as possible. In my emerging spiritual practices I do identify as a witch, and I feel a strong desire to trace the threads of ritual and magic in my own heritage in order to identify cultural practices and beliefs that overlap with my own.

In this way, I hope to authentically understand the origin of my power and also how the power of my ancestors developed – in response to their oppression as immigrants, in cooperation with indigenous peoples, or as manifest destiny colonizers. The story is a complex one, but I feel that the only way to avoid appropriating my witchcraft from other cultures.

It is crucial that I do not develop my magic at the expense of those for whom magic was akin to death and persecution. Romani people, for example, developed the art of cartomancy and much of what we recognize as the tarot today. And, shame on me, I did not realize that the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was only passed in 1978! Before that, indigenous people could be persecuted for engaging in traditional spiritual practice – even an act we take for granted today, like smudging!

There is so much to learn, and as wh!te spiritual practitioners the answer is not to turn away from our own cultural heritage and appropriate the practices of a culture that our ancestors oppressed. Instead, do the work to learn about yourself and your own cultural heritage.

Ignoring a problematic heritage does nothing to heal generational trauma. We must turn to face the past in order to create a better future.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden

Today’s Energy 11-28-20

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden

Seven of Swords / Heron feather “Let go of convention and follow your own unique path”

Today’s cards remind us that you do not have to follow convention in order to be successful, but if you forge a new path you must still keep obligations and responsibilities to your fellow humans in mind.

Great blue herons are solitary predators, preferring to hunt alone in waterways and fields. They are also highly territorial, although some herons will gather in large “rookeries” while breeding or resting.

If you are fortunate to spend some time watching herons in action, you’ll notice that they are “alone together.” Each bird may be following their own agenda, but they know where all the other birds are as well as their “pecking order” in a given region. Other species of birds keep an eye on the heron, who is not afraid to use their sharp beak or clawed feet to defend a choice spot in the creek.

Each bird makes their own choices based on instinct, experience, and the wisdom of their survival thus far. They are free to go where they please, but no matter where they go they must adhere to their basic heron-ness: seeking the same hunting, breeding, and nesting conditions they have always done. Even in acting as individual creatures, there is no way to separate themselves from their lives of other birds, or from nature itself.

Our desire for individualism could benefit from such a model. We may prefer to create and live alone, following our own agenda and striking out on solo adventures. Yet we cannot afford to lose sight of our basic human-ness. We cannot escape our responsibilities to ourselves, other people, and the planet. We must consider more than simply survival of the fittest. We must be concerned with creating conditions that nurture and support the survival of all living things.

Blue heron may take to the wing, but she will only do so to settle in another familiar spot. As you choose your own adventure today, remember that you goal is not to escape altogether. You may just want to seek a nesting ground that is more favorable to your individual goals and desires, yet still provides a clear view of what the other birds are up to.

Today’s Energy 11-27-20

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-27-20
Nine of Swords / Hummingbird feather: “release what you’ve been carrying and lighten up. New joy is on the way.”

Well, you heard the bird. It’s time to release the nightmare scenarios that may be plaguing our dreams both day and night.

Today’s cards remind me of an origin story of the indigenous Amah Mutsun people, whose land I occupy living in Santa Cruz.

Mt. Umuhum, which is the tallest mountain in Santa Cruz, means “Place of the Hummingbird” in the Mutsun language. The Ohlone people, one band of the various groups that make up the Amah Mutsun band, have a creation myth in their culture that tells of hummingbird being put on a mission from eagle to bring fire from the Badger people. Using skill, speed, bravery, and ingenuity, the hummingbird is able to complete his task.

Today, the day after a complicated national holiday in the US, we may find ourselves with more than one kind of hangover. Perhaps we ate too much turkey and pie. Perhaps we are still struggling to reconcile the genocide of indigenous peoples with our need to glorify westward expansion. Perhaps we still feel the grief of our ancestors and heritage being obliterated in the name of progress and civilization. Perhaps we had a “regular” Thanksgiving gathering and are now wondering if everyone who attended will be safe and healthy?

There are still many things on our mind, but we can take a lesson from the indigenous peoples who survive today in every part of the world, carrying on tradition and history with bravery, skill, and finesse. If these courageous stewards of the land have not given up, have not succumbed to the nightmare of cultural destruction, then we certainly cannot give up now as we fight for a better future for all. Until we take a stand and own our part in the trauma of the past, we have not hope of enacting lasting change.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden

Today’s Energy 11-26-20

Temperance / owl feather “your intuition is correct. Follow your inner guidance without fail.”

I want recognize how difficult today is for many people. For indigenous people it is a national day of mourning. Others have felt the pain of family separation and discord on this day long before a global pandemic forced hard choices upon us.

Above all, today calls for understanding, awareness, and empathy. It is not a day for extremes, as neither blind adherence to tradition nor complete denial of the holiday are likely to serve our emotional or cultural needs.

At the same time, it is up to each individual to determine what moderation means. It can be tempting to judge another’s decision until they say, “but you don’t have any idea what I had originally planned.” Perhaps they’re having an outdoor bonfire instead of a full-blown fireworks display. It’s all relative.

We must trust our intuition and make those hard choices that align with what we believe. Personally I ignored my own inner voice, planning to invite may parents for dinner and just, “pretending to be OK with it” because I felt my intuitive response, to cancel, was too dramatic.

Because I didn’t listen to my inner voice, things ended up getting even more dramatic as the discord between my desire and action got to be too great and I had the empath’s messy, tear-filled realization that I could not continue, could not go through with it and canceled the in-person meal. We’re going to deliver turkey dinner to go, instead.

I share this because I often write like an oracle with all the answers. I do get a great deal of accurate intuitive information, but like Alice “I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.”

I share this to emphasize that, in times of uncertainty and poor leadership, we must do what we feel is right come hell or high water. We cannot give in to pressures that come from elsewhere when they go against our intuition. On the other hand, sometimes these external voices will illuminate something we know to be true but have denied within ourselves.

I am grateful for you, dear reader, as we engage on this journey to deeper understanding.

Today’s Energy

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-25-20
The World / Canary feather “Step forward now and sing your song. There is power in finding your voice.”

We continue today with energy inviting us to integrate lessons of the recent Scorpio season and Mars and Mercury retrogrades.

“Pain runs through families until someone is willing to feel it.” -@alizakelly

Part of being a responsible ancestor is understanding what brought you here today. By tracing our roots back through time, we begin to see ancestral patterns emerge. Lines of triumph and trauma spin out from the center hub of self.

This is easier for some folx than others due to cultural expectations, access to systems of power, and how each family line chooses to embrace or deny the people and places that are part of their lineage.

I’m a trained cultural anthropologist, but the discipline has always felt incomplete to me. “True” anthropologists do not study their own culture. That is the discipline of sociologists, and the family tree belongs to genealogical researchers.

But by pulling these area of study apart, we miss the opportunity to view our own story as folklore. We run the danger of seeing our beliefs as “society” and other beliefs as “culture” and it invites a lack of self-referential research. This is a structure in which the monolith of whiteness exists as the norm, the starting point, the unquestioned and unexamined culture that does not change.

My work here is slways changing, informed by my own ancestors and the messages they continue to deliver from the other side. I carry the trauma of my wh!te relatives, who escaped Europe only to in turn murder and enslave indigenous folx from 3 continents for the next 300 years. Oppression that continues right to my doorstep where I occupy Amuh Mutsun land and work at a community college named after a conquistador.

How can wh!te ppl be so blind to this reality? How can we cling so coldly to a narrative that literally whitewashes the genocide that created our American culture of consume and expand at any cost?

This week I ask you to hold space for all the pieces of your cultural world, for it is only within you that these disparate parts can heal into a whole self again.

Decks: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden.

Daily Energy 11-24-20

Seven of Pentacles / Chickadee feather “The time is right to release old patterns and energies. You are ready to embrace change.”

We are being called to embrace change on many levels, not the least of which is the way we celebrate and honor our ancestors through seasonal celebration.

We learn how to be human from from our ancestors, both those direct relatives living today and those many generations who came before us. As we had backward in any family tree, the number of ancestors increases exponentially. Each of us has 8,192 11th great grandparents! That is both a mind-boggling number to comprehend, and a small drop in the bucket of humanity.

It will benefit us to reflect on and and understand our role on earth in relation to this knowledge. As families gather to celebrate around a festive table, the shadow of sickness and death is a silent companion.

It is impossible to ignore past realities in the context of our current experience. Again, it is what we do with that knowledge that will determine our ability to grow and heal as a species.

Should we choose to celebrate the coming holidays, let us not forget the complex heritage that threads through our ancestral story and the story of humanity. We are connected through time, past and future. We must harvest not only nourishment for our tables, but also reap an understanding of how to being to heal generational trauma in our lifetime.

This is not a one and done lesson; it is one that we must commit to and continue to practice as we navigate a changing world. The only way to dismantle systems of white oppression and colonialization is to face the reality of how we are complicit in their perpetuation, and take steps to divest ourselves from these ways of being.

Let this week be one of understanding, appreciation, and remembrance for the living and the dead who make us who we are.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden

Today’s Energy 11-23-20

Three of Wands / Nuthatch feather

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a great body of water. You are near your ancestral home, and know the hills, valleys and deep forests that you have traveled quite well.

Looking out over the water, you faintly discern the outline of land on the further shore. You come here often to gaze across the water. Sometimes you can make out trees dotting what appears to be a sandy beach. Other times, Fanta Morgana shapes the land into impenetrable cliffs.

You must choose your own adventure from here, my friends. We are being asked to stay grounded while we prepare for new activities and adventures.

One aspect of the three of wands I ask us to keep close to heart this week is the concept of colonialization. From a distant shore, the land we hope to inhabit may look “free and wild” which is a concept itself developed by white oppressors to “other” and dehumanize indigenous peoples.

Yet there are already people doing the work necessary to create a just society, and BIPOC know that life exists everywhere, having clawed and fought against nature to survive in what are often less-than-hospitable circumstances.

Do not be so ignorant and blind by your privilege that you assume the benefit of liberation without engaging in the work of developing the structures necessary to support it. That is akin to arriving in a house someone built with their own hands, kicking them out, moving yourself in, and then asking them to repair the place for you because you don’t know how. (Gentrification, anyone?)

We must be looking to unsettle those places that have been violently colonized even as we look toward new frontiers of justice in order to unpack the inherited trauma of our ancestors.

Deck: Tarot of a Moon Garden and Divine Feather Messenger oracle deck

Today’s Energy 11-21-20

There are greener pastures over the horizon, my friends.

These cards point with optimism to a future we have been envisioning for some time. Yet things will continue to shift rapidly for the next two months, fueled by unrest above and below.

Astrologically, we are headed into another eclipse season beginning on 11/30 when there is a lunar eclipse in Gemini. In terms of moon magic, eclipses do exactly that- they hide the light and reveal the shadow. They are better for uncovering than generating. Our Scorpio shadow work must be transformed into combustible usable material to ignite and fuel action in the coming Sagittarius season.

We may also fix our archer’s arrow on the significant planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius on December 21. This is what is meant by “The Great Conjunction” and it is the first such conjunction since 2000 (plus other unique aspects). Those who are old enough remember the election chaos in 2000 with Gore-Bush, and how the Bush presidency was decided by the Supreme Court.

It is impossible to know what this transits will mean, but many astrologers are making predictions. Some refuse to say, some see through a lens of social justice, and some still think the orange one has been sent here to save us.

This is a good time to insert the reminder that psychics, astrologers, and healers so not exist or work in a cultural vacuum. The information you receive from any human has been percolated through their own cultural cloth. Our worldview necessarily informs our readings. So when you fix your star to a spiritual wagon, be sure the practitioner has an ethical and moral position that aligns with your own. If something does not resonate with you, it is not in your lane. That is not the source your guides want you to investigate.

You must still apply critical thinking to the information you reciece from any source, and the outcome of any situation is bound by the free will of everyone in involved.

I follow @alizakelly for reliable astro advice.

Deck: Prism Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

Today’s Energy 11-20-20

Deck: Prism Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

I asked my Magic 8 Ball, “do people who are self-employed enjoy work more than others?” and it said “very doubtful.” 😆

One topic I’ve been exploring in my spiritual work is appropriation, particularly of traditional witchcraft practices and divination arts such as tarot. I do charge for some services I provide because readings are hard work. But as a wh!ite woman I walk a fine line between developing my own authentic practice and profiting from a marginalized culture. Witches have been practicing for centuries under the threat of death. It is disrespectful to ignore that deep history in favor of a influencer-curated #witchstagram.

Part of the burden of my work is reconciling the intersection of my spiritual journey with the paths of my own (ultra-colonial) ancestors.

I use signs to guide my intuitive readings and a variety of tools and objects can provide me information. I don’t remember how I came to own this “magic ball” but it is pretty reliable. Another tool I use is a “ghost hunting” app on my phone, which reads EMF and supposedly EVP as well. These are both meant “for entertainment purposes only” and are ostensibly toys. But the spirits that I know and work with do know how to use both of these objects to send me signs. Spirit boards are marketed as toys, too (known as a Ouija board) but there is no way you’ll catch me with my hands on one because it would be foolish to play with such a powerful tool. Some witches inherit spirit boards as part of their practice, however, and are adept at opening and closing portals with this simple device.

One of the reasons I use my 8-ball and the phone app are because these are culturally authentic to me. I am a wh!te middle class gal who grew up in So Cal. Pop culture is my jam. As I deepen in my practice, however, I see where many of my abilities and beliefs originated. My mother talks to fairies. My grandmother was a devout (converted) Catholic who believed in Saints and miracles.

Gaining clarity on the origin of my own beliefs allows me to see the magic I have inherited through my own family line. I must embrace both the burden and the gift to be a responsible ancestor.