Today’s Energy 11-4-20

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-4-20

Today asks us to dream of a better tomorrow for ourselves and BIPOC across the country as it becomes increasingly clear that, as far as half the voting electorate is concerned, Amerikkka is fine to stew in its racist juices for eternity. We don’t yet know who the president will be, but racism was a clear winner.

It is beyond my comprehension that the vote is this close. I know this is a consequence of my white privilege, but its not a result of ignorance. It is simply the wishful thinking that allows me, as a white woman, to indulge in fantasies of equality. Because I am not black, not a marginalized person, I have been cushioned from the experience of racism. It is still an intellectual construct for me, not a lived reality.

And so because I have been able to cushion myself from race – attending a liberal university, living in Santa Cruz CA, working at a progressive community college – I still have the luxury of surprise. I can still have the wind knocked out of my sails and feel like giving up in the face of such unblinking, unrepentant hate. I can still be shocked by a racist nation.

This is a white people’s problem and one we must reason with if we are to move forward. Black, brown and indigenous people cannot escape the spectre of racism that soils our nation. They understand all to deeply the daily reality of oppression SOME white people are waking up to because they can’t merely conceptualize it; it is lived reality every day.

I honestly do not know where to go from here nor should I, because white voices and ideas are not where it’s at. All I can do is continue to open my eyes to the suffering of others and listen to those who are victims of oppression when they say how to change the system. Not only do they know, they KNOW. You cannot call yourself an ally or accomplice and then refuse to take direction from the group you profess to serve.

I am at a loss but I am not stopping. If anything, this election has deepened my commitment to inspiring individual change. I still believe people make bad decisions out of fear and ignorance.

What we really need is a cure for callousness. And it ain’t getting made in a lab.