Today’s Energy 11-5-20

Rapid changes bring prosperity.

I’m going out on a hopeful limb and interpreting these cards as a sign of the votes that will be counted for Biden today.

Trump supporters are out in force apparently protesting democracy. In some states, they want votes counted. In other states, they want the vote stopped. It’s an obvious eleventh hour power grab.

I see much of this as white power using its systems to maintain dominance. The issue is that it is unlikely to work because those structures have been revealed as the ancient scaffolding of this nation which must be rebuilt for us to enter a new world.

There are a couple of ideas on my mind today. Both have to do with my work as a white woman to hold other ww accountable for their racism.

First, if your feminism is not intersectional, it supports white supremacy.

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” ― Lilla Watson

Second, white folx and most Western humans in general need to shift from a position if entitlement to one of obligation.

“The difference between a Western settler mindset of, I have rights and an indigenous mindset of I have an obligation.” -Stan Rushworth

Prosperity that comes at the expense of another’s well being will continue to deepen the inequities of our society, maintains a scarcity mindset and enforces those pillars of white supremacy that keep self seperate from the foreign other.

If you have power, you are obligated to use it for the benefit of humanity. This can of course take an infinite number of forms, but if your values are not grounded in care for all humanity you are likely denying your own humanity on some level as a coping mechanism to deal with late stage capitalism and the white dominated patriarchy.

One concept I am exploring is how my actions fall on a scale of actor/ally/accomplice. You can learn more about these nuances and what direct action you can take as a white person at

I commit to deepening my anti-racist work and appealing to open hearts and minds, so send your sleepy white women my way. ⏰