Today’s Energy 11-6-20

We are ready to turn this page in our nation’s history, but are uncertain how to move forward.

As of this writing, Biden is on the cusp of being president-elect. He was not my top choice, but Kamela has been my girl from the beginning. She has the wisdom and experience to speak for marginalized people. I wanted a black woman for president but VP is a fine start.

This election was about getting Trump out, not necessarily about who we wanted in the office. “Settle for Biden” was a valid campaign slogan.

There will be a lot of hopes, dreams, and projection of white savior status onto Biden today and in the coming weeks. Performative white liberals will wipe their brow in relief, buy red and blue sweaters at the gap, drink pumpkin spice lattes, and prepare to retreat into whiteness ance again.

This is simply not good enough for how far we have come and where we are going. White folx cannot claim to be apolitical. We cannot pretend the work is done. We sure as hell cannot put a MLK quote in our profiles and continue to lean in to the supremacist patriarchy.

Biden is a fine figurehead and through his compassionate presence he will help the nation heal. He speaks the language of love and he understands grief. These are qualities not to be underestimated in our new world.

He is not the solution, however. He is a bridge to a new future. Personally I hope he is our last old white male president, because the door is closing on that reality.

We must each look forward and envision how to fulfill our obligation to humanity in the future. These ideas will be new to white folx but old news for BIPOC who have used such strategies for survival in the face of systemic oppression.

White people, the most important action we can take going forward is dealing with other racist white people. I say other because you must start by recognizing that simply by existing you benefit from the systems in place in America. That is why we must be anti-racist. It is the work we each do to “unsettle” ourselves from replication of inherited white oppression. We have a lot to learn, and it starts within.

“Truth is on the side of the oppressed”
Malcolm X