Today’s Energy 11-8-20

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Tarot

Today’s cards celebrates the victory we have achieved, yet reminds us of the work yet to come.

The will of the people has spoken, and our collective victory over an oppressive administration is significant. My favorite part of yesterday and today is seeing the many spontaneous celebrations of joy through the nation and the world. Especially the dancing! This is the best of humanity and it is wonderful to behold. Indeed, it is the embodiment of the magic and hope of the collective.

Certainly the most oppressed folks among us are the most responsible for this victory. For these brave individuals, the stakes are so high that simply existing in the face of oppression is a daily fight.

It is a stark reminder of just how comfortable white America is in their privilege. Here resides an apparent disconnect between individual action and collective survival. There does not seem to be a recognition of the interconnectedness of all things. And this disconnect enables a disengagement from obligation. Action turns from one of protecting the community to protecting oneself. And in this isolation is a sphere of fear, or fight or flight, of animal instinct to survive at all costs. The power that inherent in privilege will fight to protect itself.

And here we have the shadow side of justice. Or election has also revealed the deep grip of something other than progress that envelopes half this nation. In this evil embrace, justice looks quite different. It becomes a tool to maintain the consolidation of power among the “ruling class.” It is a means to maintain the status quo. Here sit those who ask justice to turn a blind eye to democracy. Who seeks to use the court as to further their fascist regime. To fool the foolish with a cloak of invincibility, a façade of lies.

This is a time for faith in the process. The sword of justice cuts both ways, and this time there will be a right and a wrong side of history. Trust that the will of the people will fuel the torch of democracy as we strive for a “more perfect” union. And consider the work you will do to ensure it is not in danger of being snuffed out again.