Today’s Energy 11-9-20

Decks: Tarot of the Cat People and The Hermit

Today we may be hit with a wave of exhaustion as we move forward again post election and Mercury returns to a faster orbit. Mars is still in retrograde until the 14th, when astrologers advise we will see the next scene of this political drama.

It’s not just democrats dancing in the streets after a Biden-Harris victory. It’s the entire world!!! Every human who strives for a more free society here and abroad knows that the Republican party has been dancing with dictatorship, and Trump’s defeat gives some faith that democracy will survive.

We do not know what Trump will do because his behavior does not conform to expected social norms. No matter what he does, there is suspicion of ulterior motives as he only cares about himself and his accumulation of power. I still see some 45 supporters saying he loves this country. It does make me wonder what love looks like to these folks, and how they express love to those they care about.

What does this have to do with our cards today? I see two threads.

One, we are dancing in celebration of seeing America for the racist oppressive patriarchy it is and not giving up. Some white people have given up, throwing in the towel and being lead to extinction by a white regime bent on its own eventual destruction, or the destruction of everything so a few may maintain power. But others have woken up and now strive to hold themselves and others accountable for our obligation to create change.

Two, we continue to dance around the issues that must be faced if we are to heal. We still refuse to hold Karens accountable and to do the work to “unKaren” ourselves. We are back to dealing with white guilt. Cries of “what can I do” and “I don’t know where to start” or “I’m not political” rise from the Target Starbucks line.

White people’s ignorance of race is disgusting and inexcusable. But what’s worse is pretending to care and refusing to listen, learn, or do the work. White folx, we DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS RIGHT NOW.

If you want to come to the dance you’d better be prepared to play. You’d better have your grownup shoes on. And you’d better be humble because the steps you must learn you have not danced before.