Today’s Energy 11-10-20

deck: EartHeart Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People

Today requires the courage to defend our anti-racist, progressive movement in the face of coming resistance.

Racism is everywhere, existing on a spectrum from Confederate flag to classroom teacher. At the same time, we have a Democratic president about to take office. Yes, there will be turmoil in the transition. But Biden’s team has the advantage of experience on their side.

Now its time for me to rain on the parade. Joe and Kamala are not innocent. There is blood on their hands. Each has seen and enabled oppression to continue even while fighting for progressive ideals. The US government is still a war machine, its precision killing ability temporarily muffled by a blanket of extreme incompetence. School shootings have decreased for no reason save kids are not in school. And a pandemic has overshadowed the death grip of nationwide opiate addiction.

I have no love lost for Trump voters, but I am an intuitive empath and I do feel their pain. There is a hopelessness in middle America, a loneliness whispering through the fields of wheat. White folks benefit from white privilege regardless of where they live, yet may find it difficult to engage in empathy when such basic needs as food, shelter and medical care are not being met. This is not an excuse, but a recognition of how deep the infrastructure problems are in this country.

Government is not a person. It is not a benevolent caregiver who has only our best interests in mind. We’ve hired Mr. Rogers to soothe our spirit, yet he is a neighbor who has been seated in the war room, who has pulled the trigger, who has killed.

Government is a tool of democracy that enables us to govern ourselves through representation. We create our government and we are the ones who must hold the players accountable for continuing to advance an agenda that provides voice to the voiceless, that sees the unseen, that unsettles indigenous land, that honors black lives, that treats children with love and respect.

Take up your swords of truth and prepare to enter a new battlefield in the fight for social justice.

Thank you to my readers and followers. I am honored to walk beside you on this journey.