Today’s Energy 11-12-20

Deck: EartHeart Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People

“Sing. Sing a song.
Let the world.
Sing out loud.
Sing of love there could be.
Sing for you and for me.
Sing a song.
Make it simple to last your whole life long.
Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear.
Just sing, sing a song.”

New beginnings continue, with a theme of discovery and future planning on the horizon.

I’m of an age that had few television entertainment options as a child. Like my fellow Gen Xers, the non-animated lineup included Romper Room, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Captain Kangaroo, The Electric Company, and the crown PBS jewel, Sesame Street.

“Sing a Song” was originally written for Sesame Street before being covered by The Carpenters. If you’re over 40, you’ve likely sung it along with beloved cast members and Muppets over the years.

I learned the basics on Sesame Street. To appreciate diversity, to love my neighbor, to not judge a book by its cover, and to value authenticity.

My friends, authenticity is one of the most important values to cultivate in this new era. Without an understanding and acceptance of who we are on a deep level, we are left seeking those answers outside ourselves.

This inability to honor our true selves keeps us from contributing fully to the collective, for we are instead focused on the quest for approval from the oppressive status quo of white patriarchal culture.

There are remnants of lizard brain survival in this response. We are afraid to stick out, to make a mistake, to go against the grain, lest we be shunned and cast out of the collective, forced to fend for ourselves in the wilderness.

But is this not the experience of marginalized peoples? Cast out, cast aside, and disregarded in the narrative of the American Dream? From this outsider perspective the stakes are much different. Assimilation carries no guarantee of survival. The value of blending in is questionable, for to assume the attitude of the oppressor is to in turn oppress one’s self.

In this equation, authenticity becomes a weapon against oppression. It is the thing that cannot be extracted, replicated, stolen or manipulated by the oppressor. It is the self. It is the soul.

Sing your soul’s song.

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