Today’s Energy 11-14-20

Our theme of authenticity continues today.

The King of Cups is the king of emotion. He is noble, mature, disciplined, caring, just, and kind. This figure is deeply in tune with their own wants and needs and does not hesitate to enact boundaries to protect the sovereignty of their throne. By doing so, the king teaches others how to engage with him on his own terms.

These strong boundaries allow the space for freedom of self- expression, self-exploration, and self-love. There is a priority on meeting individual need, not at the expense of others, but by building systems that allow everyone the opportunity to be authentically whole.

It is easy to say “be yourself” or “love yourself” but in our current reality the stakes seem so high that this kind of self-care feels like a selfish indulgence. To turn away from the demands of others, from the grind, or from the incessant hungry teeth of the capitalist machine is a small step for some and a leap from a tall building for others.

Thus us where I see a major shift occurring and where many activists and BIPOC creators are shining a light on a different way of being. They suggest that there is a way to live beyond our current system of oppression. Because marginalized folks have only dipped one toe in the mess of whiteness, they can more easily envision an existence outside of its shadow. They can envision, and have been fighting for, our global liberation.

Now is a time to examine how you feel about changing times. This is an opportunity to change rituals, habits, and behaviors that are serving the system instead of your soul. Recognizing and nurturing your individuality is the key to growth, alignment, and fulfillment. When we each feel seen and honored we are whole, we can heal, and we can fully contribute to society from a place of authentic love, not forced labor.

The key to our salvation is to stop pretending our society was serving the needs of all humans and other living things. Facing or own feelings about life will help us all face the hypocrisy of our current existence and help our actions more costly align with the values of love, empathy, and freedom for all.

Deck: EartHeart Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People