Today’s Energy 11-15-20

note: I write these daily posts for instagram, that’s why they’re always the same length, tone, etc. Some words are deliberately misspelled to try and beat an algorithm which suppresses discussions of race.

Today asks you to have some fun in the sun!

This morning I was thinking how posting daily for social justice has taken a bit of the play out of instagram. This platform had primarily been a creative outlet for me and way to connect with other artists. But as a wh!te person I feel a strong responsibility to use the platforms I’ve built to help individuals create (anti-rac!st) change in their lives and beyond.

There is an intersection between activism and play, and for me that is my collage, photography, and writing. Every day I feel the weight of the world, and in order to choose to engage and not run, not retreat into privilege, I must continually deepen my commitment to the cause and integrate my activism with what makes my feel authentic and alive.

Your activism cannot be a performance, and if it is fueled by guilt and shame it is unlikely to be sustained, as the work becomes a chore, an obligation that will drain you.

Mars has stationed direct and a new moon has arrived. Now is a fertile time to contemplate your deepest desires, what you love and what makes you feel like you are frolicking in a field of sunshine.

Move towards those activities, and consider how you might use your joy in service of social justice instead of feeling like activism is taking the fun out of life..

For us to succeed, activism must be our life. As we learn to uphold our obligations to ourselves we will in turn learn to fulfill our obligations to each other and to the earth with love rather than resentment.

I love to create art and it is fulfilling to do so in service of social justice. So I feel renewed on my journey by my own creative satisfaction.

We each have a unique, beautiful light to shine in this world, a light that will uplift and inspire another. Allegiance to wh!teness seeks to rob us of that individuality, to reduce our diversity to a demographic, to categorize us for capital!st exploitat!on.

Being yourself is radical! Creating your own reality is radical! Finding your talent and using it in service of the greater good of all (not just a perpetuation of wh!te culture) is radical!

Let the sun illuminate who you truly want to be. ☀️

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