Today Energy 11-16-20

Decks: Prism Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards

This card combo had me laughing out loud. It’s time to leap into action… but not yet!

The eight of wands means energy is moving again, and it is a good time to begin action on the many plans and ideas we uncovered during the past retrograde season.

Today the moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This moon bring out our inner truth and asks us to launch an expedition to learn more about ourselves. We turn our eyes to new adventures, new horizons, and new opportunities.

Yet there is another energy on the field right now: a global pandemic.

The desire to rush out into the world, travel, see new places and connect with new people is rising to a fever pitch (no pun intended) as we head into the ninth month of staying at home to protect others. I’m sad, tired, and miss the freedom of being able to people watch while walking around drinking coffee. Yes, that’s what I miss the most, I’m a simple gal. And sure, I could still do it. I have the flexibility and freedom to do pretty much whatever I want – hop a plane, rent an air B&B, escape on a solo camping adventure.

But, wait. Wait. I have to ask myself, is this in alignment with my goals? With my values? Or have I fallen back into an old reality, mourning what once was as I fail to imagine what might be? Am I clinging to the ways I, as a wh!te person, create comfort for myself by sliding invisibility into the corridors of power where I am free to identify as a punk, an intellectual, a basic b!tch, without anyone questioning my right to do so, to exist, to take up space as I so choose?

These are questions we must ask ourselves if we are to be part of the resistance. We (wh!te people) must imagine outside of our experience and empathize with folks who are marginalized simply for existing. Who can’t know the pleasure of entering a store, ordering a coffee, and settling into a window seat with the absolute confidence that they will not be harassed, experience discrimination, or be forced to discuss race, gender, or identity unless they choose to.

That is power that is taken for granted and that we must make visible in order to change.

It should not be a privilege to survive.


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