Today’s Energy 11-18-20

This is a great card combo that gives us a chance today to contemplate our current situation and consider where we want to go next.

There is a connection between our environment and our behavior and mental and physical health. Hoarding, for example, is a complex psychological process in which a person might develop a fear of releasing or letting go of anything, even dangerous and unsanitary trash, due to the emotional turmoil attached to getting rid if our “stuff”

This is of course an extreme example but managing our possessions can be a difficult and daunting process. Even simple things like a hairbrush or drinking glass can be imbued with so many memories and energy that we cannot bear to let them go.

On the other hand, we may cling to posessions out of a fear rooted in scarcity. We think we must keep everything we have “earned” for ourselves because we may not be able to “work” in the future, which is the only way we can imagine to get our basic needs for food and shelter in this capitalist society.

A basic tenant of Buddhism is the practice of non-attachment, or the recognition that your happiness (enlightenment, etc.) will not come from what you possess or your profession. Instead, fulfillment is a state of being achievable by deep communication with your authentic self (aka soul, higher self, spirit, collective, etc.)

Obviously, there is a middle ground where we feel safe in the physical world. I struggle with anxiety and the best advice my therapist has given is to remember that the burdens I carry from the past and my fear about an unknown future are valid but are not real in this moment, here and now. It is in this moment that we exist and act. And in this exact moment, I do have everything I need. Meditation is very helpful in allowing me to release unwanted thoughts and return to myself, where in the cage of my breath everything is always OK.

We are asked to cast off not only the physical clutter weighing us down, but also the mental baggage keeping from envisioning a new future. Let us not be so tied to the past or worried about the future that we forget about the beautiful moments that pass through our lives daily.