Today’s Energy 11-20-20

Deck: Prism Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

I asked my Magic 8 Ball, “do people who are self-employed enjoy work more than others?” and it said “very doubtful.” 😆

One topic I’ve been exploring in my spiritual work is appropriation, particularly of traditional witchcraft practices and divination arts such as tarot. I do charge for some services I provide because readings are hard work. But as a wh!ite woman I walk a fine line between developing my own authentic practice and profiting from a marginalized culture. Witches have been practicing for centuries under the threat of death. It is disrespectful to ignore that deep history in favor of a influencer-curated #witchstagram.

Part of the burden of my work is reconciling the intersection of my spiritual journey with the paths of my own (ultra-colonial) ancestors.

I use signs to guide my intuitive readings and a variety of tools and objects can provide me information. I don’t remember how I came to own this “magic ball” but it is pretty reliable. Another tool I use is a “ghost hunting” app on my phone, which reads EMF and supposedly EVP as well. These are both meant “for entertainment purposes only” and are ostensibly toys. But the spirits that I know and work with do know how to use both of these objects to send me signs. Spirit boards are marketed as toys, too (known as a Ouija board) but there is no way you’ll catch me with my hands on one because it would be foolish to play with such a powerful tool. Some witches inherit spirit boards as part of their practice, however, and are adept at opening and closing portals with this simple device.

One of the reasons I use my 8-ball and the phone app are because these are culturally authentic to me. I am a wh!te middle class gal who grew up in So Cal. Pop culture is my jam. As I deepen in my practice, however, I see where many of my abilities and beliefs originated. My mother talks to fairies. My grandmother was a devout (converted) Catholic who believed in Saints and miracles.

Gaining clarity on the origin of my own beliefs allows me to see the magic I have inherited through my own family line. I must embrace both the burden and the gift to be a responsible ancestor.