Today’s Energy 11-21-20

There are greener pastures over the horizon, my friends.

These cards point with optimism to a future we have been envisioning for some time. Yet things will continue to shift rapidly for the next two months, fueled by unrest above and below.

Astrologically, we are headed into another eclipse season beginning on 11/30 when there is a lunar eclipse in Gemini. In terms of moon magic, eclipses do exactly that- they hide the light and reveal the shadow. They are better for uncovering than generating. Our Scorpio shadow work must be transformed into combustible usable material to ignite and fuel action in the coming Sagittarius season.

We may also fix our archer’s arrow on the significant planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius on December 21. This is what is meant by “The Great Conjunction” and it is the first such conjunction since 2000 (plus other unique aspects). Those who are old enough remember the election chaos in 2000 with Gore-Bush, and how the Bush presidency was decided by the Supreme Court.

It is impossible to know what this transits will mean, but many astrologers are making predictions. Some refuse to say, some see through a lens of social justice, and some still think the orange one has been sent here to save us.

This is a good time to insert the reminder that psychics, astrologers, and healers so not exist or work in a cultural vacuum. The information you receive from any human has been percolated through their own cultural cloth. Our worldview necessarily informs our readings. So when you fix your star to a spiritual wagon, be sure the practitioner has an ethical and moral position that aligns with your own. If something does not resonate with you, it is not in your lane. That is not the source your guides want you to investigate.

You must still apply critical thinking to the information you reciece from any source, and the outcome of any situation is bound by the free will of everyone in involved.

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Deck: Prism Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle