Today’s Energy 11-23-20

Three of Wands / Nuthatch feather

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a great body of water. You are near your ancestral home, and know the hills, valleys and deep forests that you have traveled quite well.

Looking out over the water, you faintly discern the outline of land on the further shore. You come here often to gaze across the water. Sometimes you can make out trees dotting what appears to be a sandy beach. Other times, Fanta Morgana shapes the land into impenetrable cliffs.

You must choose your own adventure from here, my friends. We are being asked to stay grounded while we prepare for new activities and adventures.

One aspect of the three of wands I ask us to keep close to heart this week is the concept of colonialization. From a distant shore, the land we hope to inhabit may look “free and wild” which is a concept itself developed by white oppressors to “other” and dehumanize indigenous peoples.

Yet there are already people doing the work necessary to create a just society, and BIPOC know that life exists everywhere, having clawed and fought against nature to survive in what are often less-than-hospitable circumstances.

Do not be so ignorant and blind by your privilege that you assume the benefit of liberation without engaging in the work of developing the structures necessary to support it. That is akin to arriving in a house someone built with their own hands, kicking them out, moving yourself in, and then asking them to repair the place for you because you don’t know how. (Gentrification, anyone?)

We must be looking to unsettle those places that have been violently colonized even as we look toward new frontiers of justice in order to unpack the inherited trauma of our ancestors.

Deck: Tarot of a Moon Garden and Divine Feather Messenger oracle deck

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