Daily Energy 11-24-20

Seven of Pentacles / Chickadee feather “The time is right to release old patterns and energies. You are ready to embrace change.”

We are being called to embrace change on many levels, not the least of which is the way we celebrate and honor our ancestors through seasonal celebration.

We learn how to be human from from our ancestors, both those direct relatives living today and those many generations who came before us. As we had backward in any family tree, the number of ancestors increases exponentially. Each of us has 8,192 11th great grandparents! That is both a mind-boggling number to comprehend, and a small drop in the bucket of humanity.

It will benefit us to reflect on and and understand our role on earth in relation to this knowledge. As families gather to celebrate around a festive table, the shadow of sickness and death is a silent companion.

It is impossible to ignore past realities in the context of our current experience. Again, it is what we do with that knowledge that will determine our ability to grow and heal as a species.

Should we choose to celebrate the coming holidays, let us not forget the complex heritage that threads through our ancestral story and the story of humanity. We are connected through time, past and future. We must harvest not only nourishment for our tables, but also reap an understanding of how to being to heal generational trauma in our lifetime.

This is not a one and done lesson; it is one that we must commit to and continue to practice as we navigate a changing world. The only way to dismantle systems of white oppression and colonialization is to face the reality of how we are complicit in their perpetuation, and take steps to divest ourselves from these ways of being.

Let this week be one of understanding, appreciation, and remembrance for the living and the dead who make us who we are.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden