Today’s Energy

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-25-20
The World / Canary feather “Step forward now and sing your song. There is power in finding your voice.”

We continue today with energy inviting us to integrate lessons of the recent Scorpio season and Mars and Mercury retrogrades.

“Pain runs through families until someone is willing to feel it.” -@alizakelly

Part of being a responsible ancestor is understanding what brought you here today. By tracing our roots back through time, we begin to see ancestral patterns emerge. Lines of triumph and trauma spin out from the center hub of self.

This is easier for some folx than others due to cultural expectations, access to systems of power, and how each family line chooses to embrace or deny the people and places that are part of their lineage.

I’m a trained cultural anthropologist, but the discipline has always felt incomplete to me. “True” anthropologists do not study their own culture. That is the discipline of sociologists, and the family tree belongs to genealogical researchers.

But by pulling these area of study apart, we miss the opportunity to view our own story as folklore. We run the danger of seeing our beliefs as “society” and other beliefs as “culture” and it invites a lack of self-referential research. This is a structure in which the monolith of whiteness exists as the norm, the starting point, the unquestioned and unexamined culture that does not change.

My work here is slways changing, informed by my own ancestors and the messages they continue to deliver from the other side. I carry the trauma of my wh!te relatives, who escaped Europe only to in turn murder and enslave indigenous folx from 3 continents for the next 300 years. Oppression that continues right to my doorstep where I occupy Amuh Mutsun land and work at a community college named after a conquistador.

How can wh!te ppl be so blind to this reality? How can we cling so coldly to a narrative that literally whitewashes the genocide that created our American culture of consume and expand at any cost?

This week I ask you to hold space for all the pieces of your cultural world, for it is only within you that these disparate parts can heal into a whole self again.

Decks: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden.