Today’s Energy 11-26-20

Temperance / owl feather “your intuition is correct. Follow your inner guidance without fail.”

I want recognize how difficult today is for many people. For indigenous people it is a national day of mourning. Others have felt the pain of family separation and discord on this day long before a global pandemic forced hard choices upon us.

Above all, today calls for understanding, awareness, and empathy. It is not a day for extremes, as neither blind adherence to tradition nor complete denial of the holiday are likely to serve our emotional or cultural needs.

At the same time, it is up to each individual to determine what moderation means. It can be tempting to judge another’s decision until they say, “but you don’t have any idea what I had originally planned.” Perhaps they’re having an outdoor bonfire instead of a full-blown fireworks display. It’s all relative.

We must trust our intuition and make those hard choices that align with what we believe. Personally I ignored my own inner voice, planning to invite may parents for dinner and just, “pretending to be OK with it” because I felt my intuitive response, to cancel, was too dramatic.

Because I didn’t listen to my inner voice, things ended up getting even more dramatic as the discord between my desire and action got to be too great and I had the empath’s messy, tear-filled realization that I could not continue, could not go through with it and canceled the in-person meal. We’re going to deliver turkey dinner to go, instead.

I share this because I often write like an oracle with all the answers. I do get a great deal of accurate intuitive information, but like Alice “I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.”

I share this to emphasize that, in times of uncertainty and poor leadership, we must do what we feel is right come hell or high water. We cannot give in to pressures that come from elsewhere when they go against our intuition. On the other hand, sometimes these external voices will illuminate something we know to be true but have denied within ourselves.

I am grateful for you, dear reader, as we engage on this journey to deeper understanding.

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