Today’s Energy 11-27-20

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-27-20
Nine of Swords / Hummingbird feather: “release what you’ve been carrying and lighten up. New joy is on the way.”

Well, you heard the bird. It’s time to release the nightmare scenarios that may be plaguing our dreams both day and night.

Today’s cards remind me of an origin story of the indigenous Amah Mutsun people, whose land I occupy living in Santa Cruz.

Mt. Umuhum, which is the tallest mountain in Santa Cruz, means “Place of the Hummingbird” in the Mutsun language. The Ohlone people, one band of the various groups that make up the Amah Mutsun band, have a creation myth in their culture that tells of hummingbird being put on a mission from eagle to bring fire from the Badger people. Using skill, speed, bravery, and ingenuity, the hummingbird is able to complete his task.

Today, the day after a complicated national holiday in the US, we may find ourselves with more than one kind of hangover. Perhaps we ate too much turkey and pie. Perhaps we are still struggling to reconcile the genocide of indigenous peoples with our need to glorify westward expansion. Perhaps we still feel the grief of our ancestors and heritage being obliterated in the name of progress and civilization. Perhaps we had a “regular” Thanksgiving gathering and are now wondering if everyone who attended will be safe and healthy?

There are still many things on our mind, but we can take a lesson from the indigenous peoples who survive today in every part of the world, carrying on tradition and history with bravery, skill, and finesse. If these courageous stewards of the land have not given up, have not succumbed to the nightmare of cultural destruction, then we certainly cannot give up now as we fight for a better future for all. Until we take a stand and own our part in the trauma of the past, we have not hope of enacting lasting change.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden