Today’s Energy 11-29-20

Five of Wands / Goose feather “Your dreams and desires are calling you to action. The journey begins today.”

We are all excited by the prospect of change, especially in this extended time of social and institutional unrest. But for true change to occur, we must stop sparring over the details and begin to move as a society toward similar progressive ideals.

There are great things on the horizon. We can all sense it and no one has all the answers about what these changes will mean. But we can do the necessary work to prepare in the meantime.

As I’ve mentioned, recently I’ve been taking a deep dive into my family history tracing my ancestors back as far as possible. In my emerging spiritual practices I do identify as a witch, and I feel a strong desire to trace the threads of ritual and magic in my own heritage in order to identify cultural practices and beliefs that overlap with my own.

In this way, I hope to authentically understand the origin of my power and also how the power of my ancestors developed – in response to their oppression as immigrants, in cooperation with indigenous peoples, or as manifest destiny colonizers. The story is a complex one, but I feel that the only way to avoid appropriating my witchcraft from other cultures.

It is crucial that I do not develop my magic at the expense of those for whom magic was akin to death and persecution. Romani people, for example, developed the art of cartomancy and much of what we recognize as the tarot today. And, shame on me, I did not realize that the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was only passed in 1978! Before that, indigenous people could be persecuted for engaging in traditional spiritual practice – even an act we take for granted today, like smudging!

There is so much to learn, and as wh!te spiritual practitioners the answer is not to turn away from our own cultural heritage and appropriate the practices of a culture that our ancestors oppressed. Instead, do the work to learn about yourself and your own cultural heritage.

Ignoring a problematic heritage does nothing to heal generational trauma. We must turn to face the past in order to create a better future.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of a Moon Garden