Today’s Energy 11-30-20

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-30-20

Today we once again see The World, indicating the closing of a circle and the end of a cycle.

We have passed through the harvest and now move towards the winter solstice. Many folx will begin decorating their homes with greenery and lights, perhaps setting up a holiday tree and certainly thinking about how to celebrate with friends and family in this uncertain time.

Today’s cards remind us of the adage “to every thing there is a season.” Regardless of our beliefs or circumstance, the darkest time of the year is the time that people have traditionally turned toward each other for warmth, support, and celebration of surviving another trip around the sun.

I’m deep into ancestral research and am constantly amazed at how much adversity past generations overcame to simply exist, and they were all white and part of the dominant culture! My grandparents were born in 1905, 1910, 1915, and 1920. Three lived through the 1918 flu pandemic. All survived the Great Depression and three world wars. One grandfather also served in all three wars as a Merchant Marine Captain.

Each holiday offers a time to appreciate those who made our existence possible. This appreciation does not exclude the problematic elements of our ancestors’ lives. The same grandfather who visited nearly every port in the world was also breathtakingly racist. It is part of his heritage and South Carolina roots. His great-grandfather farmed cotton and owned enslaved people. His grandfather inherited and fought to maintain that system of oppression in the Civil War.

This is a history to be acknowledged without being glorified. My ancestors did what they had to do to survive, and I believe they progressed in thought throughout the generations. Every time I cried, “grandad, that’s racist!” he always listened and we talked about how different his experiences as a 3 time war veteran were to mine as a 10 year old suburban kid. But we never faced the deep past together. Slavery was an unspoken evil.

While you have a chance, consider opening the conversation about how your family navigated the past to get to today. Such stories may be one of the most crucial gifts of the present.