Reading Dec 25

Deck: Divine Feather Oracle and Prism Tarot

Today is a day to relax and lighten our load. It’s Christmas and a traditional day of rest and celebration.

Look for opportunities to celebrate the season in a fresh way today. The energy is a blend of the old and the new, a chance to take the best of what we must leave behind and begin to weave it to the fabric of a new society.

Although we may not be able to celebrate with the ones we love, or have the kind of gatherings we may truly desire, I am reminded of how past generations of our ancestors were faced with insurmountable obstacles against their survival in a variety of ways. They knew that at any time, the wheel of fortune may wipe the slate clean, requiring a fresh start whether they wanted it or not. 

Our modern comforts shelter us in many ways from the reality of survival, and endow a sense of entitlement to life that, perhaps, nature never guaranteed. To live requires a certain awareness of and respect for the laws of nature, without which we are in danger of the kind of imbalance that has caused many of the crises currently facing humanity.

As we celebrate today, reach back through time for the attitudes of gratitude and plenty that may be present in your history. The actions we take today, in the face of great challenge and adversity, will become the foundation for future traditions. And those things that are available to us, such as cooking a favorite food, watching a familiar movie, or spending a bit of time in nature, can be celebrated in this moment, today.

Humanity has always been able to begin again, with the optimism that we can create an even better future. As we move into the Aquarian age, improvement will most likely favor developments that support the overall good of the collective so that we may grow together.

Reading Dec 24

Deck: Prism Tarot and Divine Feather Oracle

Today’s cards ask us to consider the options available to us now and to explore the factors we must take into account in order to make a decision.

Personal judgement and personal accountability are at play this holiday. There is no way to deny that our individual actions during the coming weeks and months will have a large bearing on the health of the collective.

A myriad of factors are at play that influence individual decisions. Each of us must weigh those elements in our own lives and decide what course to take. But the element of judgement feels different here in that we are at a point of changing social norms, when we cannot help but judge each other in regard to the actions we are being asked to take in the name of public safety.

Many folks are choosing to take risks in order to fulfill expectations of holiday celebrations and, quite honestly, are acting as a result of extreme quarantine fatigue.

There is a certain amount of privilege in taking such risk, since those who are immune compromised or who must care for those who are cannot more so feely about during a pandemic. And it is ultimately the well being of those folks that policies such as travel restrictions are meant to preserve.

Serious and significant changes are being asked of humanity at this time. People are acting “normal” when such behavior is not in line with the requirements of an evolving world. Nature ultimately will have the final say in terms of weather, climate, and the mutation of disease.

We must be able to mutate in response. We must be flexible and agile in our judgement, seeing things for how they are and looking into a new future based on the elements that are currently at play. The more open we can be to change, the more we can release expectation, the easier it may be to respond to unexpected developments as they arise. 

Instead of being disappointed about what we cannot do this holiday season, we may recognize the chance to develop new rituals, routines and traditions in line with our new ideas of community.

Reading Dec 23

Deck: Divine Feather Oracle and Prism Tarot

Today carries the theme of death and rebirth.

There is a connection here to the winter solstice, when all is dark and the seeds of life sleep underground. In a time when the landscape is barren, the hope for a new tomorrow begins to grow.

There are many traditional cultural narratives around this play between night and day, struggle and salvation, despair and hope.

The wide variety of traditions we celebrate during the winter solstice are tied to this idea of surviving the shortest day and longest night. After this point in the year, each day is longer, giving more exposure to literal life-giving sunlight. After all, the sun is the source of our energy.

There are, of course, metaphors to be made between the long nights of winter and the “dark night of the soul,” a time of deep inner questioning and struggle to make sense of what life means in the context of a larger purpose. Many, many people have come face to face with that long dark night this past year.

I think there is the same fundamental symbolism in the Christian myth of Jesus and Mary preparing for Christ’s birth. Lost, wandering and alone, they sought to have their needs met both physically with shelter from the storm but also spiritually, hoping for a miracle of compassion from strangers.

Once Jesus and Mary are given shelter, and strangers have showed them love, hope is born. I am, of course, not Christian so I would take this myth a step past the Christian narrative in which salvation is received from an external source, be it God, Jesus, or the church. Most Christian narratives have their roots in pagan tradition, since the church sought to convert the pantheistic practices of other faiths to fit the beliefs their organization.

The tale of Christ’s birth is a myth that reflects a deeper knowing: just as the days shorten and hardships increase each year, so does the light of hope shine again each winter, giving us renewed energy to continue our journey toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and of humanity.

Salvation comes from our own acts of compassion and mercy, both toward others but primarily toward ourselves. We do not need to seek the validation of anyone else to be worthy of love. And we need to make decisions that allow others the space to heal, as well.

Life is a continual cycle of death and rebirth. Everything from our ideas to our very cellular structure has a shelf-life. As we participate in this continual pattern of planting, growth, harvest, as rest, let us recognize that both hardship and hope have a place in our journey on earth.

Reading Dec 22

Deck : Devine Feather Messenger and Prism Tarot

As the crescent moon waxes, we are asked to look for what her growing light reveals. She carries the energy of the eclipse, uncovering those shadow places within us that we have yet to look openly upon so that we may identify the source of pain and begin to heal.

One theme of these changing days seems to be accountability.

We are continually asked to look within at what we want and then hold ourselves accountable to act in accordance with our desire.

We see where patterns of behavior no longer serve us, where boundaries must be enacted or relationships dissolved, and we must then consider how or if we want to hold people accountable for their actions.

In turn, however, we also see the possibility of new patterns, new relationships, and new priorities that better serve the needs we have identified. This is the ultimate goal of shadow work: to heal ourselves so that we may more fully participate in healing the collective.

One challenging thing to remember is that you cannot force or bypass the healing that needs to occur. Simply shining alight on the problem does not necessarily fix it. Recognition and realization of what is wrong and what you wan or need to do to feel better are huge steps to actually enacting the change you want to see.

So do not judge yourself too harshly if you are not able to act on what this moon has uncovered. When the time is right, you will have a stronger inclination to act and a clearer vision of what you want to do.

Reading Dec 21

Deck: Prism Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger

Again today, we see a continuation of the energy asking us to release old patterns that no longer serve our needs.

The Tower is a powerful card that has come up more than once in relation to the energy of today’s major astrological events. Even the local news this morning had a segment on the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in tonight’s sky. While this conjunction occurs about every 20 years, this time the two celestial bodies are exceptionally close together. Additionally, both planets have just moved from the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius.

You are likely to feel expansive energy today, even as we experience the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of the year. This does feel like a turning point, but only if we are able to go with the flow and release expectations about what the journey back to longer days and shorter nights may entail.

Folks are being asked to evolve or be left behind. This is not one apocalyptic judgement, where some stay on earth to suffer while others are whisked away to enlightenment. Instead, I feel folks are going to experience one “tower moment” after another until they are ready to face what these changing times are asking of us all.

We cannot cling to old structures and hope to move forward into a new era. This Aquarian age asks that we think way outside the box, even that we throw away the box and think beyond what we have ever considered before. There is a powerful and expansive boundary-breaking, glass-ceiling shattering, liberation enhancing flow into our lives as a result of this transit.

But all is not sunshine and roses, of course, because the work we are being asked to do to prepare for a “fresh start” is deep and ongoing. We must ask ourselves serious and sometimes frightening questions about what we want in life and our role in making that happen. We are also asked to consider those goals in relation to other people and to the well being of the collective as a whole. While each of us may have thought about some of these things in he past, synthesizing them into a cohesive plan of action is demanding and challenging. Deciding how to move forward when the road is crumbling beneath us is daunting to say the least.

The interesting thing, however, is that we must give up the idea of the road altogether. In doing so, we may realize that we are actually able to fly.

Reading Dec 20

Note: this is primarily a post announcing my departure from Instagram. Starting tomorrow I’ll be writing exclusively for my blog readers and Patrons.

The time has come to turn the page in this choose your own adventure novel.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice. It is the shortest day of 2020. In addition, Saturn and Jupiter, slow moving outer planets, change signs and usher in the Age of Aquarius, a time when structures will be changing and ideas expanding.

I’m not sure what 2021 will hold, but as this year draws to a close and the seasons turn, I’m taking space from Instagram to think and dream.

This platform has felt constricting and censored since the election. The tools and options we use to communicate are changing. Instagram is a branch of Facebook, an advertising platform more than a tool for the revolution.

I value the ideas and voices I encounter here, as well as the support I receive. But I’m going to take a break from Instagram for the time being. In solidarity with those whose voices continue to be censored and silenced. In exploration of a different kind of social network.

I will still post daily on my website,, as well as my Patreon (where I also post additional readings). I also send put a weekly newsletter with a weekly energy forecast and other goodies. All links in bio.

Thank you for your support and solidarity.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck

Reading Dec 19

I am willing to bet that, on top of all the political and social unrest of the last week, there have been a multitude of personal issues bubbling up, as well.

I, for one, am quite weary of these extreme transits. The double edged sword of enlightenment is the challenge of taking action on what you know. Realizing that a situation, relationship or habit is no longer serving you is the first step. Then, the opportunity for change occurs.

I often write as though insight is a divine message that I get from my higher self. While this is sometimes true, and enlightenment does come in a flash of brilliance, more often it is the result of difficult emotional work: processing anger, grief, sorrow or fear; setting boundaries; dealing with disappointment.

Today’s cards indicate that we are all exhausted from the struggle. We are tired of being embattled, tired of fighting, tired of the sacrifice required of us in order to make a better world for all.

There is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, but right now the tunnel seems to be extending into infinity like a cartoon nightmare. In the darkest hours of the year, hope is hanging on by the thinnest thread of tinsel.

I don’t necessarily have advice today because I’m in it right along with you. Trauma, drama, injury and insult are in the water. Just as with Saturn on Wednesday, Jupiter moves from Capricorn into Aquarius today. In two days, these slow moving outer planets will form a conjunction (Google grand conjunction 2020 for lots of juicy details).

Jupiter’s carries expansive new ideas and creativity into the boundless air energy of Aquarius. Imagine a hot air balloon lifting off due to a blast of rising heat. Scary, exhilarating, thrilling. Even though we know what is happening we still have butterflies in our gut, still have to deal with the emotional challenge of adventure, still have to face the danger and opportunity of unknown horizons.

As the balloon rises, the pegs that secured to the ground release. We are unmoored. The anchor is lifted. The journey has begun.

We may end up in Kansas; we may end up in Oz.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck

Reading Dec 18

As the wheel of Fortune turns so does the circle of life, the orbit of the moon, the seasons, and many other aspects of our existence that form cycles of regular and predictable change.

Today is likely to feel challenging and fluid, as we experience the many planetary changes happening right now. There is likely to be a rapid inflow of new ideas and insight, especially about the future and our place in it.

For a long time it has been hard to see past a hazy horizon. There has been so much uncertainty that making plans for anything feels a bit absurd. There is a general feeling that we cannot look too far ahead because there are too many variables in the matrix, too many unknown factors that must be considered.

As we move into 2021, more change is demanded. The Wheel of Fortune continues to turn. Sometimes we will be on top of the world, and sometimes we will be the victims of misfortune. Thus is the nature of existence, which strives to maintain her balance. As above, so below.

Because we will all be victims at some point of both good and bad “luck” we are asked to keep compassion in our hearts for those who appear “less fortunate” than us in a given circumstance.

We are also asked to remember that what appears to be misfortune is often the result of many socioeconomic, biological, and cultural factors beyond any one individual’s control. Thus we are remined that a system which is willing to dehumanize any one person does not have the well-being of humanity at heart, and that the bootstrap illusion of an American dream falsely equates success with hard work.

We are warned not to judge others too harshly, lest we find ourselves victims of the same system of oppression and injustice that has marginalized the “less fortunate” among us.

Instead, we must fight for systems that meet the same basic needs for all people, unconditionally, as a basic human right.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck

Reading Dec 17

We have reached the end of a cycle.

Today, Saturn moves from it’s home sign of Capricorn into Aquarius. It’s bound to be a bit of a bumpy ride as the eclipse new moon reveals more of the changes necessary to accommodate the fresh planetary energy.

In this placement, Saturn is a bridge between the old and new. As we move into the age of Aquarius, we will be asked to rethink old patterns, habits, relationships, and traditions in light of new knowledge. Much of the new insight we are being asked to integrate involves a growing sense of responsibility to the collective and to the planet as a whole. We are increasingly aware of the healing being asked of us by ancestors past and present. We are being forced to reckon with centuries of racism and oppression. We are being asked to heal the great wounds of history in order to form a healthy foundation to expand upon in the new age.

The past year has been a journey through the underbelly of the human psyche. The very worst and very best of humanity has been revealed in the face of a global crisis. America took a stand against growing fascism, a fight the enormity of which we are only beginning to acknowledge. We have been asked to deal with the shadows of our history and to untell those stories we have learned that contribute to the very oppression we hope to dismantle.

Yet, in being forced to reflect and look within, we have also discovered an inner fortitude and spirit that may have been dormant in the face of a culturally vapid society. Unless we were forced to deal with injustice, unless it came knocking at our doorstep, many people were content to ignore the very obvious problems of society, creating rationalizations that allowed them to get through the day in a society bent on mere survival.

But the severity of our current circumstance has made ignorance an obviously unjust option. In order to be able to live freely, we must freely share our gifts, talents, and joy. We must support the kind of society that allows each of us to grow, flourish, and bloom on our own terms.

In the Aquarian age, we will be ruled by inner beauty.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck

Reading Dec 16

We are on the edge of a new realization: seeing how deeply we are all connected as a human species.

One of the hallmarks of the Aquarian age is community and communication, along with technology and new, innovative ideas.

As we near the time when Jupiter and Saturn pass from Capricorn into Aquarius, and the new moon beings to grow, we gain increasing clarity and insight about our responsibilities to one another.

This is not an understanding that has come without a struggle thus far, but in the near future we may have increasing opportunity to communicate and relate to one another in new, progressive ways.

There is no way forward without taking into account how our actions affect not only ourselves and our immediate family but others as well: marginalized communities, health-compromised people, front-line workers, even other living things in the environment such as animals and plants.

Life has taken on a new meaning out of the necessity of survival. This looks different for everyone, but the common theme is that we are in this together and no one of us will survive alone, in isolation. A global crisis on multiple fronts requires a new consideration for ourselves and each other.

Of course masks and vaccinations fall into this category. But so do the actions we take to divest ourselves of systems of oppression in which we participate on every level. The cultural media we consume dictates a great deal of how we see the world and our place in it. Are we making appropriate space to listen to marginalized voices, to hear what those communities who are suffering the most are asking for? Are do we find ourselves more concerned with the decentering of our power and our comfort in the narrative of change?

Performative activism has no place in the places we are going. Inauthentic action will become apparent and useless in the face of genuine empathy and desire for a new world. If your signals are not in line with your action, it is a red flag for all involved.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck