Today’s Energy

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 12-1-20

In the Spiritsong tarot deck featured here, feathers equate to swords. Alongside the flourite card, it indicates a fine time to deal with any phychic drama that is weighing you down.

Are you afraid of speaking with your spirit guide for fear of what you may discover? As we have explored in depth in this space, the journey of a spiritual warrior for social justice is not one of love and light. Quite the contrary: we must be willing to explore the darkest corners of our phyche in order to break the cycle of trauma that shoved those skeletons in the closet to begin with.

In my own experience, even if we want to “fast track” our spiritual journey there is no way forward except to do the necessary work to clear your own path. Too often we stop short of true self-exploration due to fear of what we will discover. But in avoiding the shadowy corners we may inadvertantly buy into a false sense of spirutual security. We fall prey to spiritual bypassing, turning outward for validation rather than inward toward exploration. We pretend that everything is and will be fine, continuing to sweep grief and heartbreak under the rug and cover it with the comforts of modernity. American culture loves to lull us into complacency, selling it as a shiny bootstrapped dream.

Reality is much more complex and nuanced. It is important to be positive, to create supportive communities, to maintain hope and to dream about a better future. This work is necessary to compliment grief, suffering, disappointment, and despair, which are equally part of the human condition.

Whomever your spirit guides may be, they are aware of the full spectrum of human experience and by using your intuition you can tap into those fertile places where growth can occur. We are on the last stretch of a challenging year, but the promise of a brighter tomorrow continues to rise. Tap into your higher power to gain guidance about your personal mission in the new world.

Deck: Eternal Crystals Oracle cards and Spiritsong Tarot