Today’s Energy 12-2-20

Today’s cards remind us that it is possible, even necessary, to find success on our own terms.

You know what is best for yourself. You know your needs, wants, and rhythms of life. In modern American culture, the idea of individualism is often tied to the market. Innovation is rewarded when it leads to profit, and the individual is most valuable as a consumer. We meet our wants and needs through purchasing those items that will appropriately signal our identity through how we perform our lifestyle. This cultural tendency existed before social media, but it is fueled by the synthesis of person and advertised object, in which life itself becomes a consumable good.

But there is another kind of individualism that I have spoken about here, one in which we act not in accordance with popular culture but in accordance with our intuition and insight. In this scenario, instead of moving away from authenticity toward a consumer collective, we are drawn together by our unique abilities, preferences, and desires. In theory this is how the market works, but we seem to have lost sight of the actual purpose of exchanging goods and services in the name of accumulating insane amounts of capital.

Doing business is not inherently bad. One of the most exciting trends to emerge among “younger folx” is the purchase of merchandise direct from artists and creators. I myself would ever have imagined something like Patreon being possible or sustainable. Ideas about scarcity being the artist’s way are part of an old structure in which the only way to success was to climb a hierarchal structure to the top. In such a competitive model, there is little room at the pinnacle.

Moving forward, success may be tied to authenticity. The more we are able to engage with what lights us up, the more we will be able to offer a valuable service to others. Our exchanges will hopefully be reduced to a human scale. We may gain a deeper understanding of our place in the world. Success will be spread laterally instead of being hoarded by a few at the top of a crumbling ladder.

Let us be true to our dreams and visions, for they will lead us to where we need to be.

Deck: Eternal Crystals Oracle and Spiritsong Tarot