Today’s Energy 12-3-20

Today’s Energy 12-3-20

Our message of being true to oneself and one’s vision for the future continues today. The three of acorns (wands) and Seraphinite gem suggests that we need to be honest with ourselves about what is required to achieve our dreams.

I am a big dreamer. So much so that I have difficulty grounding myself. With a lack of earth elements in my natal chart, I find myself swinging between water and fire, fueled by the excitement of initiation and disappointed by the reality that my ideas will actually take work (eew) to come to fruition. I want to feel my ideas into reality. It is hard for me to manifest because I am out of touch with the physical material of manifestation.

In order to make the kind of contribution toward a better tomorrow that I desire, I must own up to and learn to work with my basic nature. This means acknowledging my powerful charisma, compassion, and empathy alongside my perfectionism, jealousy, and stubborn tendency to only see things my way.

True growth requires an honest exploration of our own strengths and shortcomings without blaming others for how we deal with them. Sure, there are reasons why we act the way we do and many of these are trauma-based. But no one else holds the key to healing because we can only control our own actions. No one is going to provide us with salvation from our own problematic behavior. They may offer solutions or, alternately, throw up roadblocks to hinder our progress. Ultimately, we alone are responsible for the honest reflection necessary to deal with reality.

There are undoubtedly better days over the horizon, and the cards seem to be telling us again and again to get ready, to do the work, to clear space and to open up to the possibilities that head our way. Being honest with what you need to do your best is one way to prepare for what ever the future may bring.

Deck: Eternal Crystals Oracle and Spiritsong Tarot