Today’s Energy 12-5-20

Today asks us to express our gratitude for what we have and for those we love.

We are rounding the corner into a time of traditional gift exchanges and general good tidings. This is a very non-traditional year, however, and many folx are searching for new ways to connect and to honor the reality of the current moment.

Do not underestimate the power of communication this year. This can take many forms in the context of connecting with those we love.

One way is simply to express your gratitude for those you care about. This obviously includes your blood and chosen family, but can also include your friends, mentors, students, clients, community members, etc. who inspire you. Simply saying thank you for what you do can make someone feel seen, heard, and appreciated. I know that the thank you’s I get at work are genuine and they really do help me stay connected to the service aspect of my job.

This is also a time to consider asking your family and loved ones to tell some stories there may not have been an opportunity to bring up in the past. The current disruption at all levels of society, while distinctly uncomfortable, opens space for other subjects to come to light that were perhaps to scary or forbidden to face before. In conversations with my own relatives I have come to a deeper understanding of their experience and motivation that in turn helps me better understand myself and how I approach relationships.

Additionally, I sense that understanding our heritage is going to be increasingly important to future generations, and it can seem awkward to sit down and ask a parent or older loved one to just start talking about their life. You may not know what the “point” of the interaction is. But if you let the moment unfold, it may lead to you to a new place of knowledge and insight that never would have been brought up in surface conversations about movies and the weather.

The wisdom held in our collective human experience is a valuable resource as we create a blueprint for tomorrow. By taking this opportunity to open lines of communication, we create threads of understanding that lead into the future.

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