Dec 8 Reading

sgstasi: Dec 8

Today’s cards offer an interesting paradox: to contract and preserve our resources while persuing spiritual growth.

There are a few ways this might manifest in our experience. One is in a practice of gratitude for what we have rather than what we do not. Especially in our current pandemic circumstances, it can be easy to focus on the many things that are not possible right now. By gently focusing on what we can do, we help build self reliance and a recognition of our needs versus wants.

On a similar note, a focus on the abundance in our own lives can lead to increased feelings of confidence and security. In turn we may find ourselves leading a more minimal and satisfying life without feeling the need for external validation through accumulation of material status.

In our emerging new era we will likely relate to each other in a different way, including different means of exchange such as barter and trade. By more clearly defining our needs, we can use more discretion in selecting the sources and means of production for the products we do buy. We gain increased purchasing power through increased insight and intent.

Ultimately, we are asked to avoid the circumstance of waking up and wondering, “how did I get here? This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful car.” We are asked to consume all resources consciously, not just for our own spiritual health but for the betterment of the planet and of humanity. Through growing in compassion we also increase our compassion and resilience.

Deck: Healing with the Angels Oracle and The Brady Tarot