Dec 9 Reading

Another set of cards appears today with seemingly opposite meanings. Four of Horns, or Cups, is paired with “Playfulness.”

The four of Cups, and fours in general in the minor arcana, are low-energy cards of rest, withdrawal, or recuperation. They represent a time to pause and reconsider the way forward given our experience thus far.

I feel we are being asked to look past our current circumstance to the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.” As the holiday season and a slew of astrological events approach in the coming weeks, we must not be so caught up in the struggle of the moment that we forget to look up at the horizon and consider the larger picture. We must think about what we are doing now in the context of a brighter future.

At the same time, our apathy or general “ennui” with current pandemic circumstances can lead us to a great deal of creative play and imagination. This year seems to have inspired more folks than ever to put up festive winter decorations. There is serious talk about miracles, faith, and the star of Bethlehem (no seriously, it’s not just astrologers. Check out There is a literal new age on the horizon, and visionaries from every walk of life are asking and inviting us to look past the now and into the future. To see past what is into what can be.

This of course does not give us a free pass from the daily responsibility of adulting. But it does indicate that extended time for self-reflection is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes we must be made uncomfortable in order to make a necessary change.

A reduction in customary activity has opened space for new possibilities to take shape. Freed from the bonds of tradition and expectation, we find new opportunities for playful creation.

Deck: Healing with the Angels Oracle and The Brady Tarot