Reading Dec 11

Finally today we move away from the fours and shoot straight to the top of the swords. Today’s cards offer the observation that our thoughts and words are intimately connected, and together they create our reality.

I may have written here before that language is a social construct. Letters are symbols that are attached to meaning, and we string them together to express our thoughts. If you have ever learned a new language, you know that there are some concepts that are hard to put into words using a different language. One might say “we don’t have a word for that” because in a given culture, there has been no need to describe that particular experience. Or, that experience is not valued or recognized by the dominant culture and thus is not brought into existence by language.

In this way, we must find the language to make our dreams a reality. We must learn to tie the creative thoughts about a better future to a realistic roadmap for manifestation. And in this way we are reminded that words matter. It is absurd to imagine that reality exists without our description of it. Our, I should say, we may exist without language but we have no conception of our existence. “I think, therefore I am.”

Here we branch off into interesting thoughts about the nature of truth and how it has been manipulated via propaganda to be seen an a monolith of singular experience, factual and unchanged. If that were the case, it would not be so easy to tamper with. The truth is created in our experience of it and does not exist without our reflection of it. Frightening, yes, because then where is our moral base? How do we know right from wrong? Where is justice? Who comes out of top if we do not know the true story?

I would invite the observation that is is the very situation we find ourselves in. No one can bring us the truth on a silver platter because there is no one truth to be had.

Together we must share the same vision of the truth in order for it to take concrete shape. We must agree on a common description of events. We must share a goal for the future. This is the dream that America has been waiting to realize.

Deck: Healing with the Angels Oracle and The Brady Tarot