Reading Dec 12

Card reading, sometimes called cartomancy, is an art and skill. There is no “right answer” when looking at a given set of cards, and each reader brings to the interpretation their own framework for analysis.

This card combo touches on something every spiritual practitioner should be aware of, which is the origins and nature of their ritual practice.

The seven of swords (featured here in the Brady Tarot as arrows) is a card of wanting to escape responsibility. Paired with music, it has the distinct vibe of someone side-stepping off stage while whistling to convince the audience of their innocence. It is fiddling while the Titanic sinks (or Rome burns, pick your classic metaphor).

It is my ongoing journey as a wh!te woman to develop an authentic spiritual practice that does not appropriate from the marginalized people and cultures whom I ultimately hope to assist with my work.

One thing I can definitively say is that if a group of historically marginalized people points to a given activity as appropriation, AND offers education about the roots of the practice, AND does not ask you to stop the practice but simply to acknowledge its origins, then failing to do so is not only disrespectful but racist.

As a wh!te practitioner, it is my responsibility to acknowledge the role of, for example, Roma people and culture in the development of tarot as a divination practice not because I have personally thoroughly researched the subject but because Roma people fervently ask this of modern tarot readers.

The same is true of any number of practices, from smudging using endangered sage to collecting crystals at the expense of the environment. The point here is not to “sneak out the back door” because as white practitioners, we can. We can disappear into privilege and continue to profit off of the appropriation of tools and methodology that people of marginalized cultures have literally died for practicing.

That kind of ignorance will only perpetuate the status quo of wh!te supremacist power. We must be rooted in awareness of our own shadow, our cultural bias, in order to grow.

Deck: Healing with the Angels Oracle and The Brady Tarot