Reading Dec 13

We are on the cusp of a new moon and a solar eclipse. Then, on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will move into Aquarius and form a conjunction.

This is the completion of a 400 year cycle with these two planets conjunct in an air sign.

In contrast to the structure and rules of Capricorn, Aquarius carries the energy of communication, thought, connection, networking, and expansive ideas.

Saturn craves and creates structure, while Jupiter brings expansive energy.

Together, these events place us on the precipice of a new age of ideas and communication, fueled by a rapid and expansive change in structure bringing new forms of community.

We are literally near the beginning of a new cosmic cycle, an energy aptly represented by The World. This is traditionally the final card in the progression of a major arcana series, the end result of a fool’s journey through the experience of life toward enlightenment. We are about to “level up.”

Lately the word “manifestation” has had a double meaning for me, and I cannot unlock it from the concept of “Manifest Destiny.” There is a danger here of repeating the same expectation that this country’s white forefathers possessed: this world is ours for the taking regardless of the needs of others. That there is some diving force that has earmarked one’s survival over another. That there will be a divine chosen few who survive to see the other side.

As we move into what is hopefully a more enlightened age, we will be forced to understand that manifestation is about more than achieving individual success and standing. We will be called upon to use the power of manifestation to create a better world for all. What feels like sacrifice now is a result of being locked in old ways of thinking. What we desire to retain may be remnants of a system that helped no one but pretended to support those who helped themselves. We cannot blame ourselves for not knowing what is to come, but we must take responsibility for opening our hearts and working together for a better future.

Deck: Healing with the Angels Oracle and The Brady Tarot