Reading Dec 14

Today’s new moon / solar eclipse in Sagittarius reveals that we are walking the path toward a more just future.

Today is the day the electoral college will vote to confirm Joe Biden as the next president. This is the most significant decision today in regards to social justice. This is a major moment of truth revealed for the country.

Yet, we have all made countless decisions over the past year to bring us to our current reality. Events we could not have imagined have forced us to act in unfamiliar and unaccustomed ways. We have been forced out of our comfort zones and into the unknown, a liminal space where, unmoored from previous structures, we must make our own solid ground.

Hard choices have been the name of the game, choosing between our comfort that that of the collective in all aspects of life. The stakes have been raised pasts mere political correctness to matters of life and death in everything from the grocery store to the police force. The stark reality of how our patriarchal, capitalist society has failed the most vulnerable among us has been laid bare, and we cannot unsee what was hidden just below the surface for so long.

We have also been asked to reckon with the fact that these injustices have only been hidden to those with the power and privilege to insulate against them. 2020 was the year of “perfect vision” and many people were asked to face what they have turned away from for far too long in order to do the crucial work of dealing with and healing the trauma of oppression.

All of this leads us to to today’s eclipse and new moon. We have a final opportunity to set an intention to carry us through this moon cycle into 2021. Take this time to reflect on the lessons learned this year, from both the things that challenged you as well as those victories you celebrated.

Many more hard choices lie ahead in the fight for social justice. Those in power will not relinquish it without a extended fight. But times are changing, and as we move into a new era the wind is at our back and the energies are in our favor.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck