Reading Dec 16

We are on the edge of a new realization: seeing how deeply we are all connected as a human species.

One of the hallmarks of the Aquarian age is community and communication, along with technology and new, innovative ideas.

As we near the time when Jupiter and Saturn pass from Capricorn into Aquarius, and the new moon beings to grow, we gain increasing clarity and insight about our responsibilities to one another.

This is not an understanding that has come without a struggle thus far, but in the near future we may have increasing opportunity to communicate and relate to one another in new, progressive ways.

There is no way forward without taking into account how our actions affect not only ourselves and our immediate family but others as well: marginalized communities, health-compromised people, front-line workers, even other living things in the environment such as animals and plants.

Life has taken on a new meaning out of the necessity of survival. This looks different for everyone, but the common theme is that we are in this together and no one of us will survive alone, in isolation. A global crisis on multiple fronts requires a new consideration for ourselves and each other.

Of course masks and vaccinations fall into this category. But so do the actions we take to divest ourselves of systems of oppression in which we participate on every level. The cultural media we consume dictates a great deal of how we see the world and our place in it. Are we making appropriate space to listen to marginalized voices, to hear what those communities who are suffering the most are asking for? Are do we find ourselves more concerned with the decentering of our power and our comfort in the narrative of change?

Performative activism has no place in the places we are going. Inauthentic action will become apparent and useless in the face of genuine empathy and desire for a new world. If your signals are not in line with your action, it is a red flag for all involved.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck