Reading Dec 17

We have reached the end of a cycle.

Today, Saturn moves from it’s home sign of Capricorn into Aquarius. It’s bound to be a bit of a bumpy ride as the eclipse new moon reveals more of the changes necessary to accommodate the fresh planetary energy.

In this placement, Saturn is a bridge between the old and new. As we move into the age of Aquarius, we will be asked to rethink old patterns, habits, relationships, and traditions in light of new knowledge. Much of the new insight we are being asked to integrate involves a growing sense of responsibility to the collective and to the planet as a whole. We are increasingly aware of the healing being asked of us by ancestors past and present. We are being forced to reckon with centuries of racism and oppression. We are being asked to heal the great wounds of history in order to form a healthy foundation to expand upon in the new age.

The past year has been a journey through the underbelly of the human psyche. The very worst and very best of humanity has been revealed in the face of a global crisis. America took a stand against growing fascism, a fight the enormity of which we are only beginning to acknowledge. We have been asked to deal with the shadows of our history and to untell those stories we have learned that contribute to the very oppression we hope to dismantle.

Yet, in being forced to reflect and look within, we have also discovered an inner fortitude and spirit that may have been dormant in the face of a culturally vapid society. Unless we were forced to deal with injustice, unless it came knocking at our doorstep, many people were content to ignore the very obvious problems of society, creating rationalizations that allowed them to get through the day in a society bent on mere survival.

But the severity of our current circumstance has made ignorance an obviously unjust option. In order to be able to live freely, we must freely share our gifts, talents, and joy. We must support the kind of society that allows each of us to grow, flourish, and bloom on our own terms.

In the Aquarian age, we will be ruled by inner beauty.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck