Reading Dec 18

As the wheel of Fortune turns so does the circle of life, the orbit of the moon, the seasons, and many other aspects of our existence that form cycles of regular and predictable change.

Today is likely to feel challenging and fluid, as we experience the many planetary changes happening right now. There is likely to be a rapid inflow of new ideas and insight, especially about the future and our place in it.

For a long time it has been hard to see past a hazy horizon. There has been so much uncertainty that making plans for anything feels a bit absurd. There is a general feeling that we cannot look too far ahead because there are too many variables in the matrix, too many unknown factors that must be considered.

As we move into 2021, more change is demanded. The Wheel of Fortune continues to turn. Sometimes we will be on top of the world, and sometimes we will be the victims of misfortune. Thus is the nature of existence, which strives to maintain her balance. As above, so below.

Because we will all be victims at some point of both good and bad “luck” we are asked to keep compassion in our hearts for those who appear “less fortunate” than us in a given circumstance.

We are also asked to remember that what appears to be misfortune is often the result of many socioeconomic, biological, and cultural factors beyond any one individual’s control. Thus we are remined that a system which is willing to dehumanize any one person does not have the well-being of humanity at heart, and that the bootstrap illusion of an American dream falsely equates success with hard work.

We are warned not to judge others too harshly, lest we find ourselves victims of the same system of oppression and injustice that has marginalized the “less fortunate” among us.

Instead, we must fight for systems that meet the same basic needs for all people, unconditionally, as a basic human right.

Deck: Tarot of the Cat People and EartHeart Affirmation Card deck