Reading Dec 21

Deck: Prism Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger

Again today, we see a continuation of the energy asking us to release old patterns that no longer serve our needs.

The Tower is a powerful card that has come up more than once in relation to the energy of today’s major astrological events. Even the local news this morning had a segment on the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in tonight’s sky. While this conjunction occurs about every 20 years, this time the two celestial bodies are exceptionally close together. Additionally, both planets have just moved from the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius.

You are likely to feel expansive energy today, even as we experience the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of the year. This does feel like a turning point, but only if we are able to go with the flow and release expectations about what the journey back to longer days and shorter nights may entail.

Folks are being asked to evolve or be left behind. This is not one apocalyptic judgement, where some stay on earth to suffer while others are whisked away to enlightenment. Instead, I feel folks are going to experience one “tower moment” after another until they are ready to face what these changing times are asking of us all.

We cannot cling to old structures and hope to move forward into a new era. This Aquarian age asks that we think way outside the box, even that we throw away the box and think beyond what we have ever considered before. There is a powerful and expansive boundary-breaking, glass-ceiling shattering, liberation enhancing flow into our lives as a result of this transit.

But all is not sunshine and roses, of course, because the work we are being asked to do to prepare for a “fresh start” is deep and ongoing. We must ask ourselves serious and sometimes frightening questions about what we want in life and our role in making that happen. We are also asked to consider those goals in relation to other people and to the well being of the collective as a whole. While each of us may have thought about some of these things in he past, synthesizing them into a cohesive plan of action is demanding and challenging. Deciding how to move forward when the road is crumbling beneath us is daunting to say the least.

The interesting thing, however, is that we must give up the idea of the road altogether. In doing so, we may realize that we are actually able to fly.