Reading Dec 24

Deck: Prism Tarot and Divine Feather Oracle

Today’s cards ask us to consider the options available to us now and to explore the factors we must take into account in order to make a decision.

Personal judgement and personal accountability are at play this holiday. There is no way to deny that our individual actions during the coming weeks and months will have a large bearing on the health of the collective.

A myriad of factors are at play that influence individual decisions. Each of us must weigh those elements in our own lives and decide what course to take. But the element of judgement feels different here in that we are at a point of changing social norms, when we cannot help but judge each other in regard to the actions we are being asked to take in the name of public safety.

Many folks are choosing to take risks in order to fulfill expectations of holiday celebrations and, quite honestly, are acting as a result of extreme quarantine fatigue.

There is a certain amount of privilege in taking such risk, since those who are immune compromised or who must care for those who are cannot more so feely about during a pandemic. And it is ultimately the well being of those folks that policies such as travel restrictions are meant to preserve.

Serious and significant changes are being asked of humanity at this time. People are acting “normal” when such behavior is not in line with the requirements of an evolving world. Nature ultimately will have the final say in terms of weather, climate, and the mutation of disease.

We must be able to mutate in response. We must be flexible and agile in our judgement, seeing things for how they are and looking into a new future based on the elements that are currently at play. The more open we can be to change, the more we can release expectation, the easier it may be to respond to unexpected developments as they arise. 

Instead of being disappointed about what we cannot do this holiday season, we may recognize the chance to develop new rituals, routines and traditions in line with our new ideas of community.