Reading Dec 25

Deck: Divine Feather Oracle and Prism Tarot

Today is a day to relax and lighten our load. It’s Christmas and a traditional day of rest and celebration.

Look for opportunities to celebrate the season in a fresh way today. The energy is a blend of the old and the new, a chance to take the best of what we must leave behind and begin to weave it to the fabric of a new society.

Although we may not be able to celebrate with the ones we love, or have the kind of gatherings we may truly desire, I am reminded of how past generations of our ancestors were faced with insurmountable obstacles against their survival in a variety of ways. They knew that at any time, the wheel of fortune may wipe the slate clean, requiring a fresh start whether they wanted it or not. 

Our modern comforts shelter us in many ways from the reality of survival, and endow a sense of entitlement to life that, perhaps, nature never guaranteed. To live requires a certain awareness of and respect for the laws of nature, without which we are in danger of the kind of imbalance that has caused many of the crises currently facing humanity.

As we celebrate today, reach back through time for the attitudes of gratitude and plenty that may be present in your history. The actions we take today, in the face of great challenge and adversity, will become the foundation for future traditions. And those things that are available to us, such as cooking a favorite food, watching a familiar movie, or spending a bit of time in nature, can be celebrated in this moment, today.

Humanity has always been able to begin again, with the optimism that we can create an even better future. As we move into the Aquarian age, improvement will most likely favor developments that support the overall good of the collective so that we may grow together.