Daily Reading – Jan 9

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger

1/9/21: Nine of Shells (Cups) / Oriole

We are beginning to see the gifts of change. We are less afraid of “what if” and more focused on “what may be.” We begin to dream, but keep our feet firmly on the ground in order to ensure we can enact our plans when the time is right. We are on the cusp of unprecedented change, and while it brings great disruption and challenge, it also opens space for a better tomorrow.

As always, it is imperative to remember we are fighting as a collective for a better world for ALL people. It is crucial for white allies to focus on dismantling racist systems. I urge you to imagine a future where not only do you and your immediate family individually advance in growth and purpose, but your actions simultaneously create conditions of comfort and abundance for those in your community who lack even the most basic necessities of life.

In what ways are you optimistically embracing social change?