Daily Reading – Jan 11

Deck: EartHeart Affirmation Cards and Prism Tarot

Mon 1/11

10 of raindrops (cups) / fulfillment + tender care

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius: We experience expansive communication about new ideas and networks.

Today has the energy of loving celebration. We are fulfilled by our dedication to self care, or we are satisfied with our contribution to the well being of others. Ideally, we see the integration of both and recognize how being gentle with ourselves allows us to be more compassionate with others, and concern for the collective will ultimately bring a sense of purpose and connection on a personal level

Ideas about the Aquarian age are expressed and defined. We see our role in the creation of new communities, and our responsibility to continue to learn and act in the name of social justice.

What new visions for the future are taking shape in your imagination?