Daily Reading – Jan 12

Deck: EartHeart Affirmation Cards and Prism Tarot

Tue 1/12

2 of raindrops (cups) / partnership + dance

Today asks us to examine how we engage in relationships with others. It is a day to recognize partnership and the value they bring to our life. We may engage in many forms of coupling throughout our lives and in various contexts: work teams, social networks, families, friends, and lovers. Some of us may have a life partner, others may have gained the wisdom of experiencing multiple intimate relationships. 

We are becoming increasingly connected as a species. New networks are developing, creating new neural pathways to understand and express the kind of ground-up social change we desire. We see which partnerships assist us in moving forward, and those where work must be done to be in alignment with our intent to engage in anti-racism and dismantle white supremacy.

Step by step, we learn a new dance. One-two-three, One-two three. We continue to stumble toward a more perfect union, toward a better understanding of what needs to be done to ensure our collective future.