Daily Reading – Jan 14

Deck: EartHeart Affirmation Card and Prism Tarot

Thu 1/14

6 of gems (coins) / generosity + seek

Mercury moon conjunction in Aquarius: Our dreams take form, we can describe what we have imagined, the abstract becomes personal

Pluto sun conjunction in Capricorn: Hidden reasons and motivations for structures are revealed

Uranus stations direct, near Mars: We see the reasons for structures and want to break free of them, to change based on new knowledge and we’re not afraid to fight for the cause.

We seek ways to help others, to create difference, and to relieve suffering. We may have a clearer idea of some yearning or desire that has been beneath the surface for some time yet has been hard to define. The ways things must change become increasingly obvious. Where once we had new tools but wondered where and when to use them, we now know what must be done and ponder how to do it. 

The reasons why things must change are revealed. Social structures – the government, policing, criminality, education, and more become obvious flashpoints for change as we can no longer tolerate the implicit racism and bias that has been present for hundreds of years. Indeed, it is the very racism that our country was founded on, and we are being asked to pull it out at the root once and for all. This change will not occur without difficulty, but at this point the goal of racial justice seems to be the only one worth fighting for. It underlies all the other issues we must face as a society and we (white people) cannot continue to implicitly uphold white supremacy as the foundation of our political and justice system.