Daily Reading – Jan 15

Deck: EartHeart Affirmation Card and Prism Tarot

Fri 1/15

3 of gems (coins) / collaboration + shadow 

We are asked to seek out co-conspirators who are not afraid to get into “good trouble.” We must continue the shadow work of dismantling systemic racism in order to break the cycle of trauma that has spiralled through each generation of the United States. We must build communities of like-minded folks to generate ideas and to provide support as we continue to learn, grow, and fight for social change. We must hold each other accountable. We must care compassionately or both ourselves and for the collective. We must forgive our imperfections as we grow into new roles, beliefs, traditions, and ways of being. We will create a new culture through revolution, but this change requires we do not bypass the hard work of dealing with our current reality and how it has been shaped by whitewashed narratives of the past.

How are you holding yourself accountable for self-care? How are you challenging your growing edge?