Daily Reading – Jan 16

Deck: EartHeart Affirmation Card and Prism Tarot

Sat 1/16

Oracle of raindrops (Queen of cups) / sensitivity + winter to spring

As we continue to process the ongoing trauma in this world, we learn to manage our emotional response in such a way that enables us to continue to engage in a fight for social justice.

For many white people (myself included) this level of social engagement is new and challenging, a position afforded to us by the privilege of our whiteness. This is not a position that BIPOC may take, being insead inside of the lived experience of oppression that we as white folks continue to perpetuate and varying levels and degrees.

We cannot separate ourselves from whiteness, but we can commit to addressing and dismantling it. We can do the continual work of holding our own feet to the fire, of acknowledging our role in maintaining a racist power dynamic, always remembering this is the role and responsibility of the oppressor, not the oppressed.

As difficult as it may seem to be, America must face our “fragile” feelings around race.