Daily Reading – Jan 19

Today is the last full day of the Trump presidency.

Four years ago, I remember talking with my friends about the election. I had a suspicion that Trump could win, despite his “unsuitability” as a candidate. I had watched the far right fervor foam and bubble since before Obama was elected, churned into a murderous frenzy by pundits like Rush Limbaugh.

I distinctly remember saying, who are we (white ppl) to say this is not our job? Or that we wont get involved? Past generations had to fight and we might have to get uncomfortable. I said if Trump is elected we will have to be radicalized, we will have to activate. I prophesied a second civil war could be on the horizon.

I had no idea how bad it would get or how far from my previous self those words would take me. Wave after wave of shedding my old self came, from the #metoo movement when I participated in my first demonstration march, to the day Cavanaugh was elected and I declared myself a witch, to being sent home from work in a pandemic panic, all the way to June when George Floyd’s murder shocked me, still complacent in my whiteness, into anti-racist action.

Trump has raised the boil of American hate, and we are left to lance it and deal with our own disgusting legacy of racism and white supremacy.

As horrible as the events of these past four years have been, I have to say its about damn time. We could not have gone on as a nation without turning to face our original sin of oppression in the name of power. At least now we can talk again about race, we are forced to question the comfort of white supremacy, and we can begin the difficult work of dismantling racist institutions and making our dreams of the mountaintop reality on earth.

I am honored and privileged to be on this journey alongside you, fellow social justice warriors. When the sun comes up tomorrow, it will shine with the rays of hope for real and substantive change.

And if you’re a Trump supporter, just know you are being left behind in the temper tantrum of an extinction burst. The sooner you realize your toddler ways the quicker you can get with program, MF.