Daily Reading – Jan 20

Today’s cards ask us to make a connection.

Many new beginnings initiate today. Yet, unlike the firey energy of wands, we see the cooperative union of the two of cups.

Yesterday the sun entered Aquarius, and tomorrow there is a major conjunction in Taurus.

We are asked to think differently about our social connections and what this means for the development and sharing of resources.

As we enter the age of Aquarius, when slow moving outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn will stay in this sign for some time, we will be rewarded less for personal accomplishment and more for our contributions to a collective greater than ourselves.

Self-care, instead of being focused on individual exceptionalism, will be rooted in the desire to serve others.

Individual success is lonely. Trust me, I’ve gotten gold stars, straight A’s, and been head of the class my whole life. Oh, yeah, and no thanks to group work, because no on can keep up with me…

Look at the struggle of, for example, Olympic gold metal swimmers for whom life is empty and meaningless after their competition career ends, leading to mental health challenges for these former champions.

The pursuit of individual excellence is a dangerous game that gives one the illusion they are better than others, that their purpose is simply to excell in a vacuum of perfection, and that winning is the reward. It’s lonely at the top.

Real life, however, is messy, it’s hard and it’s full of other people to whom we are responsible. It’s not a matter of being fastest in our lane.

Today, as we enter a new era in America, we may also usher in a new understanding of our purpose in serving others. May we learn new ways of sharing power so that everyone has a chance to achieve their gold medal dreams.

Deck: Brady Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger