Daily Reading – Jan 21

Thu 1/21

Today there is a great deal of emotion.

Astrologically, there is a Moon – Mars – Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

We may feel some anger or resentment about the changes we are going through. There may be continued violence and protest events as power dynamics shift away from a dying regime. There may be explosive, vocanic-like energy.

Interestingly, when I looked at this week’s astrology, I was not sure about the inauguration. Would things go smoothly?

Indeed, they did, on the surface. But what cultural levers are shifting as a result?

On one hand, cultists and conspiracy theorists have gone dark for the time being, their hate being driven back into the shadowy corners of social media for now. But their sentiments haven’t died.

On the other hand, did you see an occupied land acknowledgment yesterday? Where was the indigenous culture and representation? While white supremacy was at least mentioned, indigenous people were still erased, still “something else” from our deep and forgotten past.

I am completely relieved to be free of 45’s active abuse. Without the spectre of his narcissism, we may begin to understand the. Ulimate impact of his presidency. But there is a real danger of losing sight of America’s racist roots as we bask in the sunshine.

There are many radical accounts I follow that rightfully hold oppressors accountable. In the Age of Aquarius, we are asked to move away from black and white thinking. In my view, both things are true: the new administration is a positive “new beginning” and also a continuation of the oppressive police surveillance state in which we live. Is is possibility and familiarity at the same time.

Being radical means completely reimagining our existing world. It means looking past assumptions if what are to what could be. Defund and abolish the police is one such idea. It is a radical reimagining, yet police are not natural or required for society. They have developed along side our divisions of power along race and class lines. We have lived without police before.

But can we again? Here is where the real questions lie. Can America become something it was never founded to be – a just union of humanity?