Daily Reading Jan 23

Sat 1/23

Saturn conjunct Sun in Aquarius
We begin to see how the new administration will take shape, what structures are forming, what kind of support is available and what kinds of action we can take.

Todays cards invite us to hang out, observe and plan. We are again asked to look within for discernment.

These are unprecedented times. We can’t flow backward, but we’re still quite unsure what the future will hold. As Saturn transits the Sun, we may get a glimpse of what is to come.

If you’ve ever watched woodpeckers in the wild, they use all their senses to locate, store, and then relocate food such as acorns, which they bury into the wood of trees. Think about this strategy when your mind wanders into the many uncharted waters if the future: be discerning, be prepared, be patient.